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Corrosion and Pitting

The Problem:

3D Image of Gun Tube Corrosion
Many safety-critical parts, such as gun barrels and steam generator tubing, are subject to corrosion and/or pitting with extended use. It is important to both remove worn parts before they cause damage and avoid replacing parts that are still safe and useful.

The Solution:

LTC's Laser MicroMap™ system is ideal for inspecting parts subject to corrosion and pitting to determine their condition. Our laser surface mapping sensors can provide a 3D map of the part surface, allowing precise measurement  of the amount of remaining material.  In particular, our Laser MicroMap™ Tube Inspection system is ideal for internal corrosion monitoring of tubes and pipes.  Our LaserViewer™software contains tools for statistical analysis of all or part of a scan, and the file comparison feature enables quantitative comparison between parts or over time. In addition, the LaserVideo™ image generated by the laser mapping sensor provides important qualitative information about surface features that cannot be measured by laser profiling, such as discoloration and surface roughness.
























Dimensional (left) and LaserVideo™ (right) Images of Corrosion in a Chrome-Plated Gun Tube