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BEMIS LC™ Large Caliber Systems

155mm Self-Propelled Scanning Assembly
BEMIS™ 155mm inspection crawler
and laser scanning assembly

The Large Caliber Bore Erosion Measurement and Inspection System (BEMIS™) is designed to inspect smooth or rifled bore gun barrel diameters from 105mm to 155mm. For additional information and specifications, click here.

  • LP-4210™ or LP-4210F™ Display and Control (DAC) unit can be used.
  • Portable Crawler-based designs and rigid systems available.
  • Rugged and Portable Design for use in the field or shop
  • Muzzle brake does not have to be removed during inspection
  • High Resolution laser-based system for assessment of weapon bore condition
  • 3D Precision bore erosion profiling and laser-based dimensional measurement
  • High Resolution LaserVideo™ provides visual image of gun tube surfaces
  • Quantitative data for unparalleled gun tube surface and erosion analysis
  • Advanced analysis and reporting software provides data in hard-copy summary or exportable to text file
  • Automatic report generator software provides tabular summary of test results
  • Operator-Configurable motion and scan control
  • Quick setup with automatic calibration routine
  • Sensors easily exchanged or adapted for various sizes
  • On-Site training and Custom Solutions available