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LTC News Release: 19 Apr 2012

LTC and Mandus Group Collaborate to Provide Laser-Based Artillery Gun Tube Inspections

Laser Techniques Company, LLC, the industry leader in laser-based inspection equipment, and Mandus Group, Ltd, recognized globally for artillery innovation, logistics, and life cycle support, have entered a collaborative working relationship to provide high-resolution laser-based inspection systems for the quantitative assessment of large caliber gun bores. The BEMIS-LC™ Bore Erosion Measurement and Inspection System for Large Calibers is the Mandus Group's preferred inspection system to inspect and verify surface conditions and identify bore erosion for artillery, including the 155mm M198 Howitzer and the Hawkeye 105mm Weapon System. This collaboration of inspection and artillery expertise will provide unparalleled inspection capability combined with superior artillery knowledge as an integral part of the Mandus Group's overall maintenance and sustainment support worldwide for domestic and foreign military organizations.



BEMIS-LC™ Bore Erosion Measurement Inspection System














BEMIS-LC™ Scanning 155mm Gun Tube