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Based on our Laser MicroMap™ system and supported by our LaserViewer™ data acquisition, display and analysis software, LTC's laser-based surface mapping (profilometry) systems provide a superior alternative to conventional gauges and optical inspection systems. Our laser profiling sensors have significantly larger measurement ranges than air gauges or star gauges, and can rapidly scan the inner surface of any tube or structure in a non-contact manner, generating a high-resolution, three-dimensional image that is quantitative and accurate.


Special Applications

Custom Systems






LP-5000™ and LP-6000™ Display and Control Units

Delivery Systems / Platforms



Defense Products

Defense Products




BEMIS SC™ – Small Calibers

BEMIS MC™ – Medium Calibers

BEMIS LC™ – Large Calibers

BEMIS T™ – Mortar Tubes

Bore Straightness



LaserViewer Software





LaserViewer™ Software

LaserViewer™ 3D

LaserViewer™ Advanced Analysis

Custom Report Generator