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LaserViewer™ Software

The LP-5000™ is provided with our proprietary LaserViewer™ data acquisition and reporting software, which is a commercially produced, standard product employing a Windows™-based platform. It is

capable of acquiring and mapping multi-channel laser profilometry data, as well as LaserVideo™ imaging (LVI), laser-scanned FPI and straightness data. As show below, the LVIprovides an image of the component surface similar to that of a borescope. The LVI, however, is unaffected by the optical distortion that is typical for borescopes. It is a quantitative map of the surface reflectance that allows operators to locate and measure features such as chips, scratches and discoloration.












Customizable Operator Interface

A powerful aspect of the LaserViewer™ software package is its ability to be configured for customer-specific applications. In this manner, only functions and views that are specifically required for a given task are displayed to the operator. The graphic user interface can be configured for simplicity of operation and application-specific functionality. In addition, a variety of custom data analysis modules are available with the LaserViewer™ software program.

Motion Control

LaserViewer™ provides a flexible motion control interface with the following features:

  • Operator-configurable motion control for up to three (3) axis motion
  • Any combination of stepper-motor or DC servo-motor control for up to three (3) axis of motion
  • Operator-configurable scan routines for helical, step/increment, raster scans and complex contour-following
  • Variable scan control with sampling resolution to as low as 0.0005 inch per increment
  • Operator-activated Forward/Reverse, Go-To, Return-to-Home and Jog routines
  • Enable/Disable Forward/Reverse motion control
  • Ability to de-energize motors after each motion
  • Encoder position display for each axis
  • Encoder Set, Reset, Set-To and Zero functions

Data Acquisition

  • Real-time display of calibrated data
  • Operator-configurable data acquisition routines that can be saved as unique workspaces
  • Performance calculation showing estimated scan duration, completion time and data rate

Data Acquisition

  • Color Plot (C-scan) image of calibrated profile and LVI data
  • Cross-sectional and axial display of surface profile data
  • LaserVideo™ image of data displaying fine scratches, heat-checking and discoloration
  • Surface contour display with 256 color, Grayscale, Thermal and Solid Color options for dynamic color pallet
  • Color palettes provide calibrated spectrums for rainbow, thermal and grayscale displays
  • Multiple color palette application to any Color Plot display
  • Analysis modules for post processing of data including but not limited to calculating: area, ovality, max fs diameter, minimum diameter, horizontal reference subtraction, vertical reference subtraction, remove centering offset, remove DC offset, remove undefined data, remove bad data, variable median filter, averaging filter, invert data
  • Zoom, pan and rotate display functions
  • Dual image comparison - allowing operators to superimpose two data sets for evaluation and quantitative feature comparison.
  • File and bitmap image editing and export
  • Capable of acquiring and displaying multiple data input including laser profile, eddy current, LaserVideo™ image, ultrasonic and laser-excited fluorescent penetrant/magnetic particle data