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Laser MicroMap™ System

The Laser MicroMap™ system is a non-contact surface mapping tool, capable of rapidly, accurately and quantitatively mapping the surfaces of tubes, pipes, flat plates and complex surfaces.  Its flexible and user-friendly LaserViewer™ control and analysis software provides a wide variety of options for motion control, data acquisition,
analysis and display.

High-Resolution, Non-Contact Surface Mapping

Our sensors rapidly scan a tiny laser beam over the surface of a component, generating a quantitative, three-dimensional map.  The results can be used to detect and accurately map flaws or dimensional variations such as cracks, pits, corrosion, and dents.  The laser spot size can be focused as small as 0.001 inch (0.025 mm), permitting extremely high spatial resolution with up to 100% surface coverage, and sensors with profile depth resolutions to 0.0001 inch (0.0025 mm) are available. Operators can view inspection results in near-real time and in several user-friendly computer-graphic formats.

Modular and Expandable

The Laser MicroMap™ system is designed to be compatible with virtually any commercial or custom sensor delivery system.  This allows our customers to use existing probe pushers, pipe crawlers and custom manipulators � so system costs are kept to a minimum.

We also designed the Laser MicroMapsystem architecture to be expandable ― allowing for the later addition of other sensors or delivery units, as well as integration of complimentary technologies such as eddy-current and ultrasonics. Numerous sensors have been developed with both bobbin and single-point rotating eddy current probes for probe location and complimentary flaw detection.

A typical system is composed of the following components:

  • LP-4210 Contol Unit - for laser control and detector signal processing
  • Data Acquisition Station with LaserViewer™ software - a field-worthy or desktop computer with system control and data acquisition boards and our proprietaryLaserViewer™ software
  • Sensor - one (or more) of our laser-based NDT sensors
  • Sensor Delivery Mechanism - an off-the-shelf or custom delivery mechanism, or an interface to a customer's pre-exisitng delivery system


The Laser MicroMap™ system can be configured for a wide variety of applications, using one or more of our core technologies. We offer standard rotary and fixed sensors for inspecting tubing, large pipes, flat plates and complex surfaces. For customers with specific configuration requirements or unusual environmental conditions, we can build a custom sensor or delivery unit without redesigning the full system.

For each Laser MicroMap™ system LTC builds, we select each of the main components according to our customer's needs. See the following pages for more information about our standard and custom systems:

  • Laser MicroMap™ 3D Profiler
  • Laser MicroMap™ Tube Inspection System
  • Custom Laser MicroMap™Systems